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Ryan Bindl

Ryan Bindl

The money I am raising will support programs and funding research that will directly impact patients and their families living with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD).

I learned about FSHD because of a project at school to research a charity. I choose to do my project on the FSH Society because my Jr. Crusaders baseball coach, Tim Hollenback, has the disease and I really want to help him find a cure! During my research, I learned that the FSH Society has found the cause of the disease and they are very close to developing a cure. They need about $10 million dollars to get the testing needed to bring the cure to those affected by 2025.

I have set a goal to raise $2000 for the FSH Society (100 people to donate $20). This cause is so important to our family. We want to help Coach Tim and all the others that are affected. We plan match up to $1000 of your donations!

Please visit the FSH Society website (fshsociety.org) to learn more about FSHD, ways to get involved, and everything that is happening!

Also, check out the report I did for my 5th grade class: youtu.be/Y3RYuhKsFE4 I am thankful to my class who choose the FSH Society as the charity that will benefit from our class bake sale!

Thank you for your support and for considering a donation to this cause!
- Ryan


raised of $4,000 goal

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Great work, Ryan and Bindl Family!
6. CPChris Pilon
Good luck with your fundraising goal Ryan!