Support those living with FSH Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) and the FSHD Society on this Global day of giving! Your donation will be matched dollor-for-dollar by a group of visionary benefactors. By giving today, your support is altering the course of history...
The future is now! 

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From Brian Simpson, Scott & Liz Simpson, Don & Karin Skloss, David & Heather Bagot, Karen Bagot
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JSJoanne Swanson
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Thank you for your tireless work
$25.00 JRJoan K Ryan
I support those living with FSH muscular dystrophy and their loved ones. Maybe in the future I can give a greater amount, but money is tight this year. Good luck to all of you and I pray for breakthroughs in research for this terrible disease.
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$250.00 WAWilliam Armstrong
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Encourage out of the box thinking on eligibility criteria to allow FSHD individuals who meet all but age criteria to participate in a category that doesn’t compromise the study design but allows them to get actual treatment from Intervention treatments. ( not only allow participation but they get the treatment and not placebo - at a minimum they should not be excluded based on age if they meet all other criteria. Older individuals are burning daylight!